Otto Drakenberg

Otto Drakenberg is a CEO and Board Chairman who has led complex transformations in consumer goods, retail, consumer service and technology companies for the past two decades. He is a leader within the Olympic movement, with a commitment to promoting and defending democratic values in international sports. He is an expert in developing aggressive growth strategies, assembling strong teams, motivating organizations, and delivering results in line with broad, step-change programs, both commercially and organizationally. He has particular skills in building synergistic relationships with essential stakeholders, from Board to management, line employees, unions, and communities. Drakenberg is a seasoned Board professional with a focus on linking high-level strategic insight with operational pragmatism to enhance management team performance and build shareholder value.

Otto Drakenberg’s thoughts on leadership, from the Norwegian book ‘Underway vol 1.’
Otto Dakenberg’s thoughts on leadership, in the book ‘The authentic leader’ from Valtus

Otto Drakenberg is currently Chairman of Spendrups Brewery, Svegro, CarpoNovum, and the Swedish Fencing Federation. His past CEO assignments include Scandi Standard, Moment group, Twilft, Svegro, Arcus-Gruppen, Carlsberg Sweden, and Goodyear Dunlop Nordic. Drakenberg has a notable sports background in Olympic fencing and international offshore sailing.


Spendrups – Revitalizing the long-term strategy and enhancing Board performance.

Svegro – Transforming the company into a branded goods company.

Swedish agricultural business journal ATL: “Svegro Invests in Branded Vegetarian Products” (2019-09-13)

Swedish Fencing – Establishing and driving a long-term vision. Advocate for the core values of the sport on a national and international level. 

Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet: Spoke up strongly – should become SOK-chairman (2023-02-06)
Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter: Sweden continues to cross ex-chairman (2023-02-06)
Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter: Silencing attempt reported to IOK (2023-02-06)
Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter: Asked LGBTQ-questions – silenced by the fencing congress (2023-02-03)
Inside the games: FIE President Usmanov set for re-election as Sweden alleges statutes breach (2021-11-26)
Around the rings: Swedish Fencing Federation accuses the FIE of breaking good governance principles (2021-11-25) 
Swedish National Television SVT News: Chairman of Swedish Fencing Federation sharply criticizes the National Sports Confederation (2021-05-25) 
Swedish Fencing Federation: “Achieving the Seemingly Impossible” (2017-03-05)


CarpoNovum 2023 –

Chairman and CEO for medtech company committed to redefining colorectal cancer surgery through the development and sale of an innovative medical device portfolio. Assignment focuses on capital-raising, investor relations, development of world-class clinical team, and professionalization of operations.

Rolling Optics 2022 – 2024

Interim CEO for technology company listed on Nasdaq First North stock exchange, which is a world-leader in the field of micro-optical authentication ( used e.g. in currency bills and branded luxury consumer goods). Assignment focused on re-charging the commercialization strategy of the company in order to reach sustainable profits, planning for the upcoming re-financing round and acting as the spokesperson toward investors and media.

Cision News: Poland to launch commemorative bill with 3D-effects from Rolling Optics (2023-02-10) 
Press Release: Rolling Optics – CCL Secure launches Polish tribute bank note using Rolling Optics-tech (2023-02-10)
Swedish business newspaper Dagens Industri: Bid Increment on Rolling Optics (2023-01-23)
Swedish Economics newspaper Affärsvärlden: Rolling Optics: record-breaking premium (2023-01-16)
Swedish business newspaper Dagens Industri: French company places bid on Rolling Optics (2023-01-16)
Swedish business newspaper Dagens Industri: CEO says multiple parties have showed interest (2023-01-16)

Scandi Standard 2021 – 2022

Interim Group CEO for stockmarket-listed, 10 BSEK Nordic producer and distributor of food brands including Kronfågel, Danpo, and Den Stolte Hane. Assignment: turnaround a company facing historically turbulent headwinds, including massive material cost increases caused by Covid and Ukraine, existentially threatening media coverage resulting from compliance deviations, and dire financial underperformance as a consequence. Stabilized the company through execution of a 9-point turnaround plan, resulting in full regulatory compliance, overhaul of group management and organization structure, double-digit price increases, bank refinancing, and culminating in a new board-approved long-term strategy.

Swedish business newspaper Dagens Industri: Revanche for Qviberg chicken corporation – share price rises, according to report (2023-02-10)
Swedish business newspaper Dagens Industri: Scandi Standard improves results (2022-10-28) 
Swedbank: Price increases are on the way (2022-02-14)
Swedish newspaper Realtid: Scandi Standard expects a gradual improvement in earnings during 2022
Swedish magazine Privata Affärer: Scandi Standard predicts better times (2022-02-11)
Swedish business newspaper Dagens Industri: Scandi Standard fires the CEO of Kronfågel (2022-01-12)
Press release: Scandi Standard appoints Otto Drakenberg as interim managing director and CEO (2021-06-03)

Moment Group 2020 – 2021 

Otto Drakenberg at the foyer of the China Theatre in Stockholm

Group CEO for the stockmarket-listed Swedish market leader in the entertainment and experience industry. Assignment: sustain the company through the Corona crisis and streamline the Group to achieve longer-term profitability. By the conclusion of 2020, the Group had averted an acute liquidity crisis brought on by the devastating economic effects of the Swedish authorities’ response to Corona, successfully refinancing its debt and gaining Board approval for new strategic direction.

Swedish business newspaper Dagens Industri: “Börskoll – Friday Bonanza at the Stockholm Stock Exchange” (2021-02-21)
Swedish news magazine Bulletin: “Moment Group’s Otto Drakenberg: ‘Too little and Too Late’” (2021-01-08)
Swedish national television SVT News: “The Entertainment Company Moment Group Is Saved from Bankruptcy” (2020-11-30)
Moment Group, press release: “Martin du Hane appointed as new Group CEO for Moment Group” (2020-03-22) 

Twilfit 2019 – 2020

Chairman and then CEO of leading Swedish retail chain. Assignment: develop and implement a strategy to return the company to profitability and re-establish financial control and transparency. Following an updated strategy and a corporate reorganization, Twilfit was reconstructed and sold to the Danish clothing company Change in April 2020.

Swedish fashion retail industry magazine Habit: “Twilfit on Their New Owners: ‘They Understand Our Niche’” (2020-02-13)
Swedish retail web site Market: “Four Critical Issues – That’s Why Twilfit Will Have New Owners: ‘The Best Thing That Could Happen’” (2020-02-12)
Swedish business newspaper Dagens Industri: “Twilfit Acquired – Reconstruction Completed Come Spring” (2020-02-12)

Svegro 2018 –

CEO 2018-2019, and subsequently Chairman, of Sweden’s largest vegetable producer. Assignment: restore profitability and build the right management team. Resulted in six-fold earnings growth, and a strong management team in place to drive the full growth plan.

Swedish agriculture business newspaper Lantbrukets Affärstidning: “Positive Outlook in the Margin-Squeezed Vegetable Industry” (2019-09-03)

Selecta 2016 – 2017

Northern Europe General Manager and member of the Group Management for the market leader in beverage and meal solutions in workplaces and public spaces. Assignment: restructure Swedish operations with a new financing model to regain profit growth, divest the Baltic operations, and participate in the acquisition of the market leader Pelican Rouge.

Arcus-Gruppen 2011 – 2015

Group CEO of one of the Nordic’s  largest wine and spirits companies. Assignment: transform Arcus from a local Norwegian player into a top-class Nordic player in the wine and spirits industry. The owner, private equity company Ratos, listed Arcus on the Oslo Stock Exchange in 2016 and achieved an average annual return, IRR of 30% and a money multiple of 5.6x, making Arcus one of the most successful holdings in Ratos’ history.

Arcus-Gruppen: Fifteenth year in a row with increased turnover and a new all time high result  (2014-02-24)
Swedish daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet: “Wine & Spirits To the Stock Exchange?” (2014-02-10)
Half -year result, web page of Swedish PE conglomerate Ratos: “Arcus-Gruppen Achieved an Annual Turnover of More than 200 M Euro” (2013-08-15)
Swedish bank Avanza’s newsletter Placera: Otto Drakenberg’s resignation from CEO position at Arcus-Gruppen (2015-05-05)

Carlsberg Sweden 2007 – 2010

Otto Drakenberg, civilekonom vid Stockholms universitet

Otto Drakenberg was CEO of Carlsberg Sweden from 2007 to 2011


CEO of what was then the largest beverage company in Sweden. Under Drakenberg’s leadership, the company made record results, increased employee engagement from worst in the Carlsberg Group internationally to the top three and increased operating margin by 50%.

Swedish daily newspaper Hallands Nyheter: “Best Year Ever for Carlsberg Sweden” (2010-03-02)
Swedish retail newspaper Fri Köpenskap: “Carlsberg Increases Profits – Strong Performance in Sweden” (2010-02-26)
Carlsberg Sweden: Record Results for Carlsberg Sweden (2010-02-15)

Goodyear Dunlop Nordic 2004 – 2007

General Manager of leading tire wholesaler. Assignment: implement a wide-ranging topline and cost turnaround program that resulted in healthy profit margins after years of unprofitability.

Norwegian magazine News about Cars: “A Year of Innovation” (2007)

Earlier Assignments

Marketing management at Procter & Gamble 1996 – 2000, the last years as Nordic brand manager; export manager at the Danish House of Prince International 2002 – 2003.


Otto Drakenberg participated in the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games



Bachelor’s degree in business administration from Stockholm University 1992.  Advanced studies in economics Stockholm University 1992 – 1994. 



Team captain Swedish national fencing team 1988 – 1989. Silver medal 1994 European Cup team fencing; won the Swedish Championships five times 1987 – 1993. 1988 appointed Swedish fencer-of-the-year and 1994 awarded prize for the best international achievement in connection with the second place in the European Cup.

Swedish daily newspaper Skånska Dagbladet: “Four Already Qualified for the Olympics” (1988-08-05)
Swedish Olympic Committee: Otto Drakenberg

International offshore sailing

Otto Drakenberg kom tvåa på Fastnet Race 1995

Otto Drakenberg took second place in the 1995 Fastnet Race


In 1992 he participated as the only Swede in the Round Britain & Ireland Race and came second with the French boat Bon Vouloir. Fifth 1999 World Championships and won Swedish Championships with the boat Investor


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